Blogdomland ..Watch out world here I come!!.

When I think of blogs I think of WordPress and eBlogger.

Blogging took off about 3 years ago.  Perez Hilton was the first blogger I heard of.  Moments later I too decided I would become a Perez Hilton.  From this point on every time I had an event or inspiration in my life I logged onto to wordpress and eBlogger and created a blog.  I wrote one entry and then my ADD took over and I moved onto the next inspiration for a new blog and so on.  Needless to say I am now the proud owner of about 10 different blogs to which I cannot remember the name of or the password too.  I have spent the last 4 hours trying to piece together names and the passwords of my blogs.  Thus far Perez has not called and I have not been offered a book deal.

From my brief self taught blogging experience I have learned.

1. WordPress and eBlogger are free and have easy interfaces.  A few years back I did pay someone to design a custom blog and the interface worked well with wordpress.

2. I can pay thousands and have one many cool designers design my blog and make me highest producer in the “hot” real estate market of 2008.

3. –I am still figuring this out..and so far I am finding it a great resource.  Plus I have 900 points and when I just clicked on the link I was the featured real estate person.  How cool is that!

THIS TIME WILL BE DIFFERENT…it will…my new blog will talk about what I know best…..WATCH OUT PEREZ…


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