Forced to go green……!!!!

I am not a green person by nature. I have become one by force, and amhillbilly_chic_crushing_beer_cans_lg_nwm proud of myself! I am a frugal person by nature and one of the sole factors forcing me to go green was savings.

In Massachusetts you are charged 5 cents for each bottle you buy.  I am a Diet Coke junkie.  I drink cases of it weekly.  I save my bottles and recycle them at the local grocery and earn money to keep my habit afloat by turning in the bottles.

As a landlord, I pay heat, electric and water on some of the properties I own.  Utilities have increased significantly in the past year or so.   To save money and energy I have made the following changes on rentals and my personal residence.

-installed florescent light bulbs in all lighting fixtures.  (I have even loaded my tenants up with them to use in their own personal lighting)

-put all outside/common hall lighting on time sensors.

-installed low flow shower heads

-insulated older homes and installed new windows. (which should reduce heating costs about 35%)

As a landlord this has helped to reduce my huge operating costs for utilities.  I also find I feel better knowing I am making a smaller carbon footprint.  The residents of the rentals have also happily jumped on board byrecycling  too!

I also hate to waste so I always offer up items I no longer need on Craigslist and freecycle.  Ones trash is anothers treasure.



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