Lynn, Lynn the city of sin..Ocean Park, Ocean Park don’t go out after dark…

I live and work in Lynn, MA, a city very close to Boston. I call it the Brooklyn of Boston.

Countrywide or even world wide when you you inform people that you are from Lynn they will burst into this nursery rhyme….

“Lynn, Lynn the city of Sin…you never come out the way you went in.”

Up until recently Wikipedia even quoted this on their entry about Lynn! I am happy to report they have updated their entry on Lynn to be a more positive.,_Massachusetts

Poor Lynn got such a bad reputation, that in the 1980s or so there was discussion on changing its name from Lynn to Ocean Park.

“Ocean Park, Ocean Park don’t go out after dark”

Was the response….to the proposed name change.

Lynn is a city that I am happy to call home!

I settled in Lynn in 1998…  It was the best accident I came across when I stumbled across an affordable multi family home to live in.  The city I call home offers me all I need; the beach, lovely older homes, proximity to Boston and most recently the revitalization of the downtown area.  Lynn has it’s challenges but there is hope!


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