Reality TV and Real Agent agents





Real estate agents have even made their debut on reality TV…

Million Dollar Listing; my favorite features three young agents who sell homes to wealthy people in Los Angeles.  It features three agents.


Chad-His first flaw–BAD HAIR STYLE..  He has major self confidence issues and as a real estate agent this is a flaw that buyers and sellers alike can see.

Madison-I like him.  He seems to have carved out his own way in life and knows the business.  He is respected by sellers, employees and buyers.  He gets the deals done and is not sleazy.

Josh–I do not like him.  He knows nothing about real estate and is only in the business because of his grossly wealthy family. He has a sense of entitlement and is a cocky little tart.  He also was recently arrested for stealing art from a client!

There there is HGTV….all about real estate.  Reality TV shows provide a wonderful entertaining and educational experience to buyers, sellers and us agents too!


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