Tales from the bayou..(“shot gun” homes, homes on stilts, gators and eating rats!)

I just got back from a trip to New Orleans and the gulf coast of Mississippi. This trip was planned a few years back and then Katrina came along and put a stop to it!  Now that things are in order, I was finally able to go.  I loved the Gulf Coast & Louisiana.

Here are some pictures….



Houses on stilts…..
Aren’t they cool???? I took these pictures in Mississippi. I was told the stilts helps to stop flood damage. I wonder what happens if the wind picks up….


New Orleans has gorgeous homes. I could walk around all day and admire them.  I found the shot gun homes adorable.




New Orleans, with its tree lined streets and the lovely older homes reminds me of the Diamond District in Lynn.  I live in the Diamond District which is on the North Shore of Boston

While I enjoyed the landscape and housing I was not too keen on the food.  Some of the restaurants served Swamp Rat(Nutria).  I opted for a Poor Boy sandwich instead.


see above for the nutria..ewwww! Its too ugly to post a pic.


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