Another Lynn Blogger inspired me to write this post. He was blogging about noise waking him up in his home. Noise he could not control. The one place people value as a sanctuary is their homes. When their home is not their sanctuary it upsets people affecting all facets of their lives…..

I feel for the blogger below.  Waking up to a jackhammer on a weekend morning would sent me over the edge…..


At one time or another in our lives we have had a neighbor who interferes with our quiet enjoyment. Or we have been the interruption of another’s quiet enjoyment. What is tolerable to us as a young adult often becomes intolerable as we age.

-Think before you move……………If you are loud (such as I am) and enjoy playing AC/DC at 2am while you clean the house and do Pilates then your best option may be a single family home ….not a condo in Swampscott.

-Observe the area around you. Trains make noise. People use trains at all hours. They ring train bells. If this bothers you do not move next to a train station.

-Restaurants and night clubs are noisy. People come to them to drink, socialize and have a good time. Churches and school yards can be noisy places too.

-Cities have ordinances. Know them and do not be afraid to use them. You should not be subject to a dog barking, jack hammers or a neighbor cutting down a tree at 7am on a Sunday morning.

At times we have no control over noise. Children make noise. Babies cry.

A few years ago next door to me builders put in about 6 homes. These homes were built on rock ledges. In order to clear the lots they needed to blow up all of the rock from the ledges. Needless to say, I was in my own private hell for months with the noise.

Most of the time the worse of any noise is temporary, such as was the case with the bombing of the ledges. I was recently woken up by a young child who now lives in one of those ‘ledge” homes. She was singing on her deck at the top of her lungs the “Star Spangled Banner”. I could not help but smile and think she may be the next American idol.


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