Back to the good old times!

The real estate market is tough now. I am in for the long haul so I am actually embracing the bad times.  I am hoping that the downturn will weed out the people who just jumped into the game to make a quick buck.    I would LOVE to see the state set higher, much more stringent guidelines for obtaining a sales license.

Currently all you need to do is take a class and pass a test.  Most of these classes can be completed in a weekend!   The test is somewhat complicated but not too hard.

You pay your test fee and state license fee, sign up with a broker and you are good to go.

There is something wrong with this picture.

Being a mortgage broker has fewer requirements.

I hope now that we are all feeling the effects of this housing mess that something is done to make entering into the field of real estate  a little more complicated.


Very few agents and mortgage agents are making the money they made in the height of the market.


People still need housing and will buy.  This time around house pricing will be more realistic and buyers will need to prove they have the means they can pay back a loan before they are approved for one. Sellers are setting prices for homes to where they should be!  Isn’t this the way things should have always been????


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