bloggerMy winter project is underway!  The North Shore Bloggers Guild will soon no longer be just a facebook group.

I have sent off press releases to any and all newspapers to help us get this up and running!

If you are a blogger or know of any local bloggers pass this info on!!


032704_blogger is a new blog that addresses issues of the real estate market with brutal honesty and humor.  It was created by local broker, mother and property owner; Stacey Devendorf of Baystate Realty.  Baystate Realty, recently relocated  from Cambridge to downtown Lynn, is taking advantage of the real estate downturn by blogging. Stacey is calling upon all local bloggers to join her new blogging group based on the North Shore. Seasoned and unseasoned bloggers are welcome to participate. Please email her at: to submit a link to your blog or to be added to the NorthShore bloggers network.



    1. they came out and took my pics a few weeks ago–so HOPEFULLY it will be in print soon! I plan to try to do more in the next few weeks.

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