How Starbucks Changed My Life and I HATE coffee…….

I hate coffee.  I hate Starbucks.  The mere smell of coffee makes me have waves of nausea.  The store itself I find snotty and stuffy. I get my caffeine via diet Coke.  If you ever see me most likely I will have a diet coke in my hand. hate_starbucks

Which brings me to…….


“How Starbucks Saved My Life: A Son of Privilege Learns to Live Like Everyone Else” By Michael Gates Gill is a book that I accidentally stumbled across at the Harvard Coop.  I was inline ready to buy it when my husband stopped me. He could order it online cheaper.  My husband can get anything on line cheaper! A week later, for $7.00 I had my little copy in my hands. 

It’s a simple easy read. 

In a nutshell, the author, Mr. Gill loses his job in advertising when he is approaching old age.   Gill is born into a wealthy family, went to an Ivy League school and right out of school a connection gets him a job in advertising. Over the years, he works his life away for a company that fires him once he reaches old age. Once Gill is fired he becomes an unsuccessful freelancer, and has an affair which results in another child.  He gets depressed, his wife leaves him and he loses all his assets.  Gill frequents Starbucks and they offer him a job.  Mr. Gill loves his job at Starbucks. The rest of his book is oddly enough a story of a love affair he has with his job at Starbucks.  I found his love of Starbucks at times told from the point of view of a brainwashed cult member.

I offered up a copy of my book to a friend.  She’s back in school and she is oddly enough writing a paper on this very book!  We’ve had discussions on the book and  I have been thinking about the message the author intended to pass on.  The author is now rich.  He has published a book, which is being turned into a movie. (I also bet Starbucks has compensated him in some way too for the 2oo plus page promotion!)  Michael Gates Gill took a bad event into his life and turned it into a money making opportunity.  He fell down.  He picked himself up and moved forward.  He humbled himself when he needed to and then he got right back to where he came from.  He took ownership, seized an opportunity when many others would not have and bailed himself out!

Maybe he really does like working at Starbucks, but I doubt it.  




3 thoughts on “How Starbucks Changed My Life and I HATE coffee…….”

  1. I like their Soy Mocha when there’s nothing but a Starbucks around, but otherwise their regular coffee is awful. They burn their beans when they roast them. Dunkin Donuts coffee, on the other hand, is nothing but a caffeinated medium for milk and sugar. But, I’m so addicted to caffeine I just take what I can get. 🙂

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