And then you had kids……how your housing needs really change…

kid-kidOnce you have kids life as you know it changes……especially your housing situation!

…….All of a sudden you need:

 a house with a huge yard.  A safe fenced yard.  A yard big enough for a swing set or a pool.

Or you compromise such as I did and live steps to the worlds best playground; the Atlantic Ocean. (and have a small yard just big enough for a Wal-Mart inflatable pool)

  You cannot live near a busy street. 

You need to live near other children etc..etc…

You obsessively check to see if any predators live in your area on sites like this before buying your new with-child home:

Many families look for homes with favorable school districts.  More often than not homes are sold for the sole reason of a poor performing school district and families relocated to a favorable school district. 

If you are renting a home and you have children you no longer are eager to live in that fourth floor walk up, close to the cute coffee shop and night club.  Lugging a stroller up four flights of stairs is not fun.

Renting with children can be a challenge.  While there are laws in force that protect people with children from being discriminated against we still are. 

There is the lead paint issue in the state of Massachusetts that requires all homes occupied by children under the age of six be deleaded.  Deleading can and does cost a lot of money for new homeowners and landlords. 

 A lot of the new housing that is deleaded is expensive. This makes it very tough for families to afford housing.  A huge majority of the housing in Massachusetts was built before 1978 when lead paint was used.  The nice thing is laws are making it easier for landlords and property managers to delead. 

Another challenge for families are: “kid haters”.  These are people that live in your building who will find fault in anything kid related you do. They simply do not like children.  They play too loud, they cry too loud, your stroller is too large.  We have all met them. old-lady

Being a parent is a tough enough job without having to worry about housing on top of it all!


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