What is the deal with homestaging??

What is the deal with home staging?

With the downturn of the real estate market, a lot of real estate agents have picked up the title of “Home Stager” to add to their list of qualifications.

HDTV is to thank for the “home staging” craze. There are 101 shows on the telly about home staging.

Home staging simply means making your home appealing to prospective buyers.


A couple of hours of watching HDTV, applied with common sense, a trip to IKEA and you too can be a “professional home stager.

Home staging is a niche word thrown around and is not a new concept. For years developers have set up sample homes with mock furnishings. Today it is called staging.


If your home is not selling try: (before you pay a stager)

-Look around and see that we are in a quasi Great Depression and the housing boom is over.

-Spruce up your unit. Clean your house and yard. Get rid of your clutter.

If you have an appealing property and it is priced right– it will sell.

-People like clean kitchens and bathrooms.

Peoples taste differs. The baby blue bedroom may not appeal to all. White Paint is your friend.

-If you must stage… ask Mom or a friend who has a knack for decorating.

If your home is empty.. leave it empty. Again make sure it is clean. I cringe every time I real estate agents suggest sellers “stage”  homes that are not selling. If the house is empty, staging will not really make a difference other than; supporting a stager.

Spend the money you would have spend on staging and reduce your asking price. Or better yet offer an incentive to the buyer. (A gift card to IKEA!!)


WWW.BAYSTATERE.COM   P. 617.674.2977




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