Mr Plow is murdering shubbery and causing mass chaos in the Diamond District!!

Ode to the man in the Diamond District with the plow.

This morning after spending hours shoveling snow at my own house(well my husband shoveled most of it),  I headed over to a rental property I own. I needed to do my landlordly duty of shoveling the sidewalk and common areas. I am convinced that my rental has the largest sidewalk area in the city. The house is on a large corner, so the sidewalk goes all around. We also get a lot of snow drifts.

Normally I don’t mind shoveling snow.  It gets me and my child outside, but today I had had enough shoveling.

I arrive at my rental to find one of the driveways had been plowed. HUGE amounts of snow are against the garage and blocking access to the sidewalk. My snow shovels are in the garage and it is an emergency exit so it cannot be blocked. I was ready to pull a nutty I saw Mount Everett in front of my garage.  I was afraid the garage door had been ruined.

After knocking on a door or two, I find out that the elderly son of the super elderly neighbors has a new plow. He was being nice and had plowed out everyone within a 100 mile radius.


Annoyed as I was, my husband and I removed the snow (with the help from our nice tenants) and all was back in order.

As we were leaving, Mr. Plow comes back to plow some more. He almost runs me over while I watch him plow a neighbor’s front lawn. I was saddened to watch the murder of shrubbery. It is like watching Mr. Magoo. Mr. Plow is insane and I am convinced this is the first time he has ever plowed!

I was on my way to tell him that: although we appreciate his kindness next time we can take care of the snow removal. I stopped myself and realized that he meant well and was trying to be helpful.  So I let it be.

Hopefully Mr. Plow filled his plow craving and will not wreak any more havoc on the Diamond District.

Feliz Navidad Mr. Plow! I thank you for your kindness and the exercise I got moving mountains of snow this afternoon!plow


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