“You better take off your shoes if you come to my house!”

Is it rude to ask people to take their shoes off when entering your home?


Many people remove shoes upon entering their home for spiritual or cultural reasons.

See below link for a nice history of worldwide shoe removal…..


shoes2 In my household, shoe removal upon entering the house is the golden rule.  This rule can never be broken.  NEVER!  I even post signs (made from my ever so cool label maker) on all doors to remind everyone in case they ever forget. 

Over the years, I have gotten slack from family and friends about my obessive shoe removal. For the most part family and friends respect my shoe rule.  I even have socks for them to wear! (nice fuzzy ones in all sizes) My daughter has physically blocked people from entering before they remove their shoes since the age of 1.5.  Her first sentence was “taka off the zoos” ( I have taught her well.)

On top of my weird shoe removal rule…  I am one of those odd people who enjoys cleaning. I find it fun. I get excited when a new cleaning gadget or product comes out. 

The day I bought my first Swifter was a day in heaven!  The swiffer is the worlds single best invention. 


The second best invention is the line of Method cleaning products.  They are all natural and smell so good you’ll want to eat them!  They actually work too. 


Working in real estate I enter alot of homes.  I always ask ;  if I should remove my shoes upon entering someones home.  Most people say no,  but at times I have happily smiled and removed mine upon request!

Whether or not you wear shoes in your house is your choice. I judge you no way or the other.  

Just don’t wear your shoes  in my house!!



2 thoughts on ““You better take off your shoes if you come to my house!””

  1. Even if removing shoes isn’t a custom that people follow in their own homes, I think it can be nice to spend time in someone else’s home while taking part in their custom. That, and it can be relaxing to get out of your muddy boots, etc. (At least that’s what I tell myself when I offer people fresh slippers to wear instead of their shoes in my house!)

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