I am on a hiring mission!! 90% commission for agents…BEAT THAT!

agents21Baystate Realty is hiring agents.    All across the great state of Massachusetts.

In this current real estate market, many agents are getting out of the real estate industry or staying in it part time; while they explore other ventures.  If agents are working it is harder and for less money.  In turn to hand over 50% or so of their commissions to their employing brokers.


Baystate Realty offers experienced sales agents an average of 90% commission.  There are no transaction fees.  You keep 90% of the commission. You can work full or part time. You can work from home, Star Bucks or our North Shore office.  You can be located anywhere in the state of MA from Lynn to Cambridge to Worcester or the Cape!

We are also looking to employ rental agents.  We offer 70% on rentals!

Our agents need to be up to speed and 100% comfortable in an independent, technology driven environment.

We will train new agents with a desire to succeed. Commissions are determined on a case by case basis with an average starting rate of 75% for sales and 60% for rentals.

Below is the link detailing what we offer.


Give me a call at: 617.674.2977 or email me at: employment@baystatere.com for more info!


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