Proper real estate parking etiquette (a.k.a. Heed these warnings!)

Parking etiquette:   parkingcone

Over the years, these are among the most common complaints I’ve gotten from tenants, landlords, and neighbors…….

1. Do not park on the grass.

This is golden.  My pet peeve is when people park on the grass in front of my house.  Don’t mess with my lawn.

2. Do not block the sidewalk.

People like to walk.  Cars blocking them force them to walk in the street.  DUH!

3. Do not park on the street in front of your neighbor’s house.

This is unofficially their property.  Legally?  No, but in the land of the Wild Parking West it is. You can park, but do so with caution.  The fate of your car may not be favorable if you do not venture very carefully.

4. Do not park in the driveway of people you are visiting unless invited or told to do so ahead of time. (One never knows if the driveway is shared, etc…)parking-cone-lady

5. NEVER, EVER park where someone has shoveled out a spot on the street. Feel free to ask some former residents of Southie about this!


2 thoughts on “Proper real estate parking etiquette (a.k.a. Heed these warnings!)”

  1. Great tips. As a newcomer to the neighborhood, I’m just getting used to the “lay of the land.” Do you have tips for how tenants and landlords can amicably deal with people who break one of these rules? In my last apt., people used to park on my grass all the time, and sometimes in my parking spot. However, I was a tenant, and my landlord lived offsite, so I never knew how to handle it.

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