Livin’ la vida loca at the mall…for just $1.5 million or so!!

Living large at the mall.

Living under the same roof as my favorites stores Zara, Lush, and Betsey Johnson could have lots of perks:


  • No fighting to find a parking space.
  • No excessive traffic.

But…do I really want to live at the mall?

Some people do!!

Specifically, they want to live at The Natick Collection in Natick, MA!


For years, I have been getting weekly emails from the sales office that is offering the condos for sale.

In the past, they would even give me a $100.00 gift card if I came in for a tour with a client.  Now, the emails no longer offer the gift card. A sign of the current times???

The prices for these condos have been dropping.  I predict that they will continue to drop.

The highest price unit is listed for:  $1.5 million plus.  The condo fee is $1655.00. Taxes are: $15,912.  It is 2,110 square feet.

If I had $1.5 million to spend….I’d opt for a nice,  older, oceanfront mansion in Swampscott. Or a brownstone in Boston.  (I could still walk to Zara and Lush from there!  HOWEVER, I would certainly be missing out on the fine dining and culture that the greater Natick/Framingham area offers.)

One of the perks these Natick condos offer are:

“Residents enjoy wonderful amenities like Club Nouvelle, Parc Nouvelle, Bosse Nouvelle, and Sterling Services.”

Hmmmmm…what exactly are these features??  Will they call ahead for a reservation at the Bugaboo Steakhouse, or pick up my dry cleaning at Zoots???   paris2

No worries if this isn’t in your budget.  There are more affordable units offered at $369,000.  $418.00 a month is the condo fee, and the unit is about 973 square feet.

With over 200 units in the building, the sales offices are going to be in for some work trying to sell them in this market!

It is currently rumored that the mall itself is in financial trouble, as is the builder??

I will say…the units are gorgeous and the amenities are 5-star, but — who really wants to live at the mall???  There are so many other options in this market.  (At least in my view…)

And this is not to bash the  Natick and Framingham area….it is a great place to live.

My spouse spent a good chunk of his formative years there.  His family members are NYC transplants and loved the communities when they moved there.

I am just having a tough time grasping the “living at the mall” concept.  The area is congested. I cannot see how it can appeal to anyone but a small niche group.  Perhaps I will be proven wrong and this condo development will pave the way for the future of mall living.

I bet people laughed at Disney when they broached the idea of Celebration, Florida.  It is now a success.,_Florida

…On a side note…the North Shore mall now has a Zara AND a Lush!!!


2 thoughts on “Livin’ la vida loca at the mall…for just $1.5 million or so!!”

  1. I couldn’t live at a mall, either. My hometown in NJ was enough like living in a mall!

    I suppose it could be a good thing for people who are allergic to the outside?

    1. That you are right. The funny thing is so my husband says the Natick Mall used to be like the Liberty Tree Mall. So who knows the what the future may hold! I do like malls and the Natick Collection is sure worth a visit! The new North Shore mall wing is great as well!!!

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