Dead Santas and decapitated reindeer??


This Saturday is Valentines Day.

Why do people still have their Christmas decorations up? lawn

As I ride and walk around the North Shore, I see them everywhere.  Broken wreaths on doors…dead Christmas balls…tattered Christmas-themed flags.  Ah yes, broken Santas and decapitated reindeer adorn a good majority of homes.

The plague of people not bringing in their holiday decorations is not new. It exists all over America, in all types of neighborhoods. NO HOME IS EXEMPT!lawn-gnomes

If not addressed, a home with old, tattered holiday decorations can be as much of an eyesore as a home without paint or an overgrown lawn.

Would it not be nice if there was a city ordinance against keeping themed decorations out past the holidays?  All of the money collected could go toward balancing the budget.

I do, however, have an obsession with lawn gnomes — so they would be exempt! 617.674.2977


1 thought on “Dead Santas and decapitated reindeer??”

  1. Maybe you could get those same meter maids that you thought were a waste in an earlier post to have additional duties as they drive and walk around neighborhoods. 😉

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