Like many people in the world, I am addicted to

I started out by peering in from the sidelines, not quite understanding the concept of Facebook.  Then, one day I jumped in and created a profile page.  I would suggest that if you live in the free world you take the 10 minutes and create a profile.  It will change your life!

I find it very “neat” that I can connect with cousins overseas and childhood friends, all in one click.  I can see how they are doing numerous times a day.  I love bantering back and forth, joking around, and catching up.

I find that I “facebook” my friends to make plans nowadays.  I also find myself using it as a networking site.  I can connect with other real estate professionals as well as past and present clients.

I also find, at times, that I am entering uncharted waters on Facebook.  I am not up to speed on what is proper and improper, for instance.  I wish there were a “Facebook for Dummies” guide that explained everything. Until then, I am winging it.  Sorry if I offend anyone….

So what is the 411??


1 thought on “THE FACEBOOK 411”

  1. I’ve been following your blog for awhile now and you are so right about facebook! It is a great networking tool and great way to keep up with past friends.
    I love your blog and just wish I lived closer so I could buy a house from you. Keep up the great work.

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