Mace and the real estate agent???

Check out the show, “I Survived”.

It’s a program in which people share true survival stories.

One recent story hit home for me.  It was the story of how a real estate agent fell victim to a crime.  She was attacked and robbed by a “client.”

This is neither the first nor the last time we will hear about a real estate agent or landlord being attacked or robbed while showing client properties.

Agents make pretty easy victims. It is the one profession that will expect you to meet clients at empty properties.

I am a trusting person and have on many occasions put myself in possible harm’s way.  After watching the show “I Survived,”  I have beefed up my security measures a bit.

I always let someone know when and where I am going out on a showing.

I leave behind the client’s contact information at my office.

I never show property late at night.

I avoid having clients ride in my car until I get to know them.  I ask them to follow me.

I always allow my clients to walk in first.  I leave the front door open to the property I am showing.   I always make sure I have easy access to avoid getting cornered into a room.

I keep my cell phone handy.

I trust my instincts.  If it feels odds it most likely is.

I also just renewed my mace license.

Better to be safe than sorry….


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