Parking limits in Lynn are hurting everyone!


stanI used to have my real estate offices in Central Square, Cambridge.

I have since moved my offices to another Central Square….in downtown Lynn.   I am happy to be part of an up-and-coming area.  The downtown Lynn area faces many challenges and hurdles, yet Central Square has an active resident base. They are making Lynn a better place.

Check out: www.lynnhappens .com. It is a one-stop shop for all you need to know about Lynn!


But — the parking.  The parking situation in Downtown Lynn remains a mystery to me.

There is ample parking.  Everywhere I look, there are spots.  All the spots are labeled one or two hour.  Yet most people coming out to shop and or dine in Lynn are going to be a bit more than two hours!

I see a struggling city on the verge of failure spending time and money on shunning possible residents, guests and patrons through these foolish parking requirements.

Doesn’t the city want to attract people and businesses?  Don’t they want people to live in its many lofts and spend money in its center?

New anchor businesses such as the Gulu Gulu Café, Urban Elements, The Oxford Street Grill, and The Downtown Bistro have come and gone in the past few years.

They took a chance on Lynn.  There is a new round of businesses opening up in the exact spots where these prior thriving businesses started.


It is counterproductive, especially in  dire economic times,  for the city to spend money employing meter maids.  A meter maid has to write a lot of tickets to justify their salary and benefits.  Add in the additional cost of  processing the parking tickets and chasing down people when fines are not paid.  It costs more time and hours.

The fees collected for exceeding two hour parking is $15.00! It is going to take a lot of tickets to make a profit after all labor and processing is done.

I encourage the City of Lynn to reevaluate its current parking enforcement rules.  By removing only a portion current of the 1 or 2 hour parking signs, some of the new local businesses could thrive!  Let’s let the meter maids and parking enforcement deal with valuable City issues such as handicapped spaces and unsafe parking — not chasing the few and valuable folks who want to come to downtown!

The current parking state negatively effects commercial and residential real estate in the downtown area.  Please, Mr. Mayor, think about it!


2 thoughts on “Parking limits in Lynn are hurting everyone!”

  1. The Buffum St. lot is, I think, $45 a month and close by if you need to leave your car for more than an hour or two. I think they should offer a lower rate to business owners, given that they need to keep cars their for the whole day. The MBTA garage refuses to offer residents monthly passes, even at regular rates, which would free up space for customers to park. I think the City needs to get on the MBTA’s case a little more about that. And I’m sure the Chamber can help push the City lot discount idea..

    1. Thanks for the comment! I had no idea about the MBTA garage. 6-8 yrs ago it was free to park there!!!… Parking needs to be free for the time being until the city can justify a meter maid on the payroll. It’s comical watching them walk 2 blocks ticketing every thing that moves in the DL area!
      I came from Cambridge so I have no issues parking in walking even if its blocks and blocks!
      I would rather the patrons and residents spend their $45 in the area.

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