How can a real estate agent support his family of 18 kids in this tough market???

…Some of the “stars” of reality TV are real estate agents!!!


I wonder how Joe Duggar is adapting to the current challenges of the real estate market?   He is a commercial property real estate sales agent.

He recently had to get a second job in reality TV to help support his family of 18.  It also appears he and his wife like to write books on marriage and child rearing (breeding).


Gretchen Rossi, from the current season of the “Real Housewives of Orange County”  decided to try prospecting for gold once the real estate market slowed down in sunny Cally!  So far this career change has been recession free for her! She has sunk her hooks into a rich dying man, old enough to be her granddad!

Does this mean the Octomom will soon start a career in real estate?? nadya-suleman-octo-mom


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