No Lawyers or Kids wanted!!!

This is an email a real estate agency in Boston sent to me, today.  (I have deleted their name)

Often offices share listings.

See anything a bit discriminatory in it???


You Take: RHA applications, Copy of ID, Letter of employment and Credit check w/Deposit(s). Make all checks payable to XXX XXXX Realty, LLC.

No undergrads, Lawyers or Law students. Grads or Professionals only.

We: Approve your client and prepare leases. Lease signings are to be done at our office with or without your presence.

No undergrads, Lawyers or Law students. Grads or Professionals only.

I guess they don’t like lawyers!


Many landlords refuse to rent to law students and lawyers. This  is NOT illegal!

What is illegal……..

Massachusetts law states: that property need be free of lead paint, if children under the age of six are to reside in it.

Federal and state laws make it illegal to deny housing to anyone with children.

The way this ad is written seems unwelcoming to families doesn’t it???

I wonder why this agency seems so brazen about breaking housing laws! (and then to put their requests in writing)

Karma will come back.  In the form of a grad student, who changes her major to law and decides to have a baby, whilst living there!


1 thought on “No Lawyers or Kids wanted!!!”

  1. wow..

    Back when I was renting and looking for something cheaper, I answered a too-good-to-be-true listing on Craigslist for a place in Malden. I called and asked a few questions, then a while into it as if he made a sudden discovery, the guy said to me, “You are not Chinese? This is for Chinese people only!!” Then he hung up. Nowhere in the ad did it state that. Clearly illegal, but I wasn’t going to push it.

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