So your neighbor is going to jail????

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Bernie Madoff ruined the lives of many.

A local neighborhood I know of has own their own version of a Bernie Madoff.  A local woman was arrested for embezzling over 1 million dollars!


The house has sat empty since the czar who “owns” it has been arrested. The “owner” of this home has been declared indigent and is enjoying a court appointed lawyer, so mortgages, taxes, etc are not being paid. She will owe her victims a lot more than the mortgage.  In the past she has embezzled money from the elderly and is a repeat offender.

The house is not currently in foreclosure since all foreclosures were halted this winter nationally.

Once the house sells it will not sell for what is left on the mortgage.  The victims will not be paid for a while, if ever.

The new owner of the home will benefit from a hotel style pool and high end kitchen as an added perk!

Who is going to take care of the lawn while court proceeding are going on?

The neighborhood is full of house proud people, so neighbors will mow the lawn so that the home will not become an eyesore.

Truth is told the neighborhood is glad to see the small town Madoff-neighbor go! Very glad!!!



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