Buy the ugly house!!

I am sure we have all heard this saying from a parent or elder at one time in our life.

“Buy the ugliest house in the best neighborhood”.


This real estate advice is tried and true.

You can always fix up the ugly house over time!

You cannot however; fix the school systems, public infrastructure and crime rates over night.

They can be fixed with time,community involvement, and neigborhood residents vested in the area willing to make a change!

There are also many great real estate deals in up and coming neighborhoods!

Give us a call at 617.674.2977 and we will rebate back 50% of our commission if you purchase a home in: Swampscott, Nahant, Marblehead, Lynn and Salem!  Offer expires on 07/09.

This rebate is our way of reintroducing ourselves to the North Shore!

As homeowner, landlord, investor (and mom) in the North Shore and Cape Cod since 1998, I have first hand knowledge many novice brokers lack!  Prior to that I was a homeowner and investor in WI!


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