Not everyone loves dogs???!! especially Landlords….

Sorry I am not a dog lover…

As a child I had to spend hours upon hours hiding in the woods, while my Dad who was in the state police trained drug and rescue blood hounds.

I also had to take care of these slobbering beasts.

Blood hounds are not the sharpest dogs (at least the ones we had weren’t) and we always ended up with the rejected ones that the state could not use, as family pets.

Which brings me to……………


There are many responsible dog owners in the world.  It is the irresponsible dog owners who ruin it for everyone else.

Dogs bark. They can disturb tenants and neighbors. I had a tenant move once because of a homeowner let her dog bark on and on!

Dogs can break stuff and damage flooring.

Some pet owners do clean up after their pets.

Insurance companies will not write a homeowner/renter/landlord with an aggressive breed dog. (ie. Pit bull) Aggressive breeds may bite and attack people.


I,  like many other landlords am not willing to take on the risk of whether or not a prospective renter is a responsible pet owner.

Mr. Kitty, however is always welcome!

Emmett the Irish water spaniel is my dad’s new pet.




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