My internet affair with Craig.

I’ve had a long term affair since,  2000 with a man named Craig.  He’s really not my “type”.  Being a tall girl I am a sucker for athletic taller blondes. (with tons of muscle and tatoos) 


Craig an artsy, balding older looking guy.  My love for Craig is more for what he has “done for me” over the years. 


He has changed my life as a landlord, realtor, and consumer.

  He is solely reponsible for introducing me to 95% of my tenants. 

 He is responsible for me finding the plumber I needed in the middle of a snow storm. 


He is responsible for finding my dining set from Morocco, at a fraction of its price.

He is man who put some money in my pocket when I sold all my daughters baby gear.


I have never met Craig, but like many other real estate professionals I owe him!

Single handly, the creation of Craigslist has change how housing is found and advertised, WORLDWIDE!

Where else on earth can you, find a mate, buy or rent a house and furnish it all in one afternoon?

Only on:



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