Wanted: sexy pair of work boots.

It’s the second Monday of the month and where will I be: clambering down the steep stairs to the basement of 50 Washington Street in historical Salem, MA.

I am attending my local landlord group.  I look forward to this meeting each month.



This is where the landlords of the North Shore meet to discuss “land lording”.

Discussion topics are always full of a wealth of information.  Prior topics have ranged from estate planning to dry wall.  Each month a new topic is presented.

Here you will find a group of friendly, frugal and fun landlords making the cities of the North Shore a better place.

Showing up here in your designer duds and fancy shoes will get a you few laughs and raised eyebrows! 

Knowledge of plaster and a dirty pair of work boots are in vogue here!


2 thoughts on “Wanted: sexy pair of work boots.”

  1. Sounds like fun. How do I find out more about this group? I guess I could leave my 6-inch heels and mink shawl at home for one night!

    1. Why hello Joe-
      You can learn a lot at groups like this! You could always bring your mink shawl the basement can get chilly in the winter.

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