I deserve to live in NYC (only the nice areas) and I have no $$$..

I had time to read a book recently.


GIMME SHELTER by Mary Elizabeth William.


GIMME SHELTER is a quick easy read.(it can be picked up and put down between kids screaming and work)

Mary Elizabeth Williams writes about her quest to find a home in NYC.  Its an autobiography and whine fest about her life  focused on a home search.  The author and her husband are freelancers trying to buy a home in NYC during the housing bubble.  nyc

She feels she deserves a home in NYC, despite the housing costs in NYC and the fact that her husband is unable/unwillingly to get stable job.

They turn their noses up at neighborhoods or areas they can afford in the city.(there are plenty)

They do not look down upon individuals who have to buy in less than desirable parts of the city, but do not want to live amongst them either.

The author is also the brunt of a lot of jokes amongst her friends. Often being told they are selfish for cramping their children into small housing so they can achieve their dream, of being so called New Yorkers.

Finally….. after three years of searching she and her husband found a coop in NYC, in a section called Inwood.


Although I find the author annoying and whiny at times,  I would recommend this book to anyone who has ever bought or thought of buying a home.


3 thoughts on “I deserve to live in NYC (only the nice areas) and I have no $$$..”

  1. The link is to Washington Heights, which is a very different neighborhood with a different history than Inwood, even though they are adjacent. I love Washington Heights, but when you’re that far up in Manhattan from downtown, you may as well live in NJ! Hoboken is too pricey, but Weehawken, the still up-and-coming Jersey City etc. are great and right on the Hudson. Just hop on the Path train!

  2. Weird.. just saw how that link is trying to merge the two neighborhoods together. It doesn’t make sense to me, but maybe from a marketing perspective. There was even a failed attempt at renaming Washington Heights, “Hudson Heights” or something like that. It’s just silliness.

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