My office in the hood

My office is location in Downtown Lynn
Lynn, Lynn the city of Sin….
I am the butt of jokes amongst family and friends more often, than not as to why the earth I moved my offices to downtown Lynn?  They are concerned (mostly my mother) that I will be murdered and shot. 
 So far a year later, I am still alive and a lot wiser.

Last year,  I was looking to relocate my offices somewhere closer to my home on the North Shore .

 I stumbled across this great building in downtown Lynn. I fell in love with the space.  So here I am.

 I will admit that the crime and grime of the area has not gotten to me a bit over the past year.  The area also has a vibe I love. 

My eyes have been opened to a world I would not have been exposed to if I had not taken my office space here.

If you are in the downtown Lynn area, as a resident or a business; I would encourage you to look outside your door.
Look around and try to help your neighbor. 

Explore local youth activities; stop in at the local homeless shelters.  These people are there and they need help.  Ignoring them is ignoring the problem.

The past year I have had some adventures myself in downtown.

-I have had the privilege of being able to donate to a local homeless shelter.
-I have been able to hire city youth this summer in a program sponsored by the city.
-I have been leered at and assaulted in broad daylight by a weirdo on a Tuesday afternoon.
-I have had some great dining experiences at Pho Lynn and Tatiana’s.
-I have become involved in the local business community.
-I have been introduced to local residential groups I would never have known existed.

 Downtown Lynn is a piece of art in the works.  I hope more businesses set up shop here in 2010.  Its affordable, on the MBTA,  and did I mention close to the beach?.


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