The real estate agents who keep growing and growing….

My favorite real estate agents are at it again.



   I am not sure how much real estate they are selling these days.

Michelle Duggar who has eighteen children is now prego with her 19th!

She’s 42. 

She has a TV show.  

She is busier that I could ever be…and how does she stay skinny?

She and her husband are also about to be grandparents as their son and his wife are expecting! 


Being a real estate agent and mother myself I appreciate the flexibility my schedule has offered me.  

I am not quite so sure Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar take advantage of the flexibility.

How can they balance showings and listing calls with 19 kiddos running around?

One cannot help but like this self sufficient American Pie family.  They are a nice distraction from some of the ugly news today.


my baby…


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