Eight years ago I was 26.

On the morning of 09/11/2001, at 8:30am, I got a call from my friend Virginia.  Like myself, neither of us are early risers.  Something was wrong.

She told me planes were flying into the World Trade Center, in New York City.

I turned on the TV.

I remember being in a state of disbelieve at what I was seeing.

Was this reality or an action movie?

Sadly it was reality….

9/11/2001…. will be a day I will always remember.  As being a day thousands of innocent people were murdered.

I hope that in the future this day will not be forgotten.


1 thought on “09.11.2001-09.11.2009”

  1. I remember exactly what I was doing on this day and where I was. I was only 8. it’s crazy how at such a young age you know when something is wrong. il never forget those who died and has severed to keep us safe.
    thank you to all the brave men and women that have kept me my family and friends and all the us citizens safe. I love you.

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