SCAM FOR RENT …3bedroom/in ground pool/jacuzzi/5 car garage/live in maid $350.00 month


For the past 6 years I have almost exclusively used craigslist to find new tenants.  Its free to advertise.  Anything that is free comes with some work.  Once you post an ad on craigslist the emails start coming in.  Lately advertising on Craigslist is a lot of work since you need to weed through all the “scam” ads.


The random princess/prince from a third world country who has chosen you based on your ad(advert, as they like to call it) who wants to wire you 10 million dollars, is a scam.  Sorry…..


This one hit home for me. 

Locally(Beverly, MA), a scammer posted an apartment for rent.  He scammed college kids out of a few months rent by renting them an apartment he was getting evicted from.  He even stole a “for rent” sign from a local agency!

A quick google and or public records search can save you a lot of headaches!


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