Welcome to the wonderful world of Tile in homes built circa 1930…(fetish or not)

The tile work that had me at "hello".
The tile work that had me at "hello".

I love old houses.

Even as young girl I was always taken away when I stepped into an older home.  I grew up in homes that were new.  To me they lacked the character that only an older home can provide.

In this day and age we may not need that grand foyer, dining room or parlor but instead a huge closet, mud room and office fit more into our active lifestyles.


I am a sucker for the tile found in older homes.

I love my avocado tile all over my kitchen.  I believe it was installed in the late 1940s.

The small ornate tiles that were scuffed and chipped in the front foyer was a deciding factor in swaying me to buy the home.

The home that I have cursed and loved over the past few years as I restore it.


Most recently I was working with some of my tenants in the search for their first home and it was the tile in the bathroom that swayed the Mrs! They decided on a lovely older grand home from the 1920s.  The period details were there already; high ceilings, hardwood floors, fireplace, and grand entrances.  Amongst all the details the small ornate tiles had survived three layers of linoleum and were back to use again!

Coming from Lynn’s Diamond District, this home had charm similar to where they were currently living.

Having owned and lived in the Diamond District and most recently the Olmstead District I love selling real estate here!


As much as I love my tile, I think I’ll stick with the name Diamond District Realty, (www.diamonddistrictre.com) and spare myself the laughs if I were to incorporate my love of tile into my business name.  Sometimes, your fetishes are better left at home!


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