What happens when your tenant has to go to jail?

What happens if your tenant goes to jail?

Thankfully… this is one situation I have not had to deal with as a landlord or property manager.  (Think twice before purchasing that 3 family in “rough area” for $10k….)

Recently a landlord I befriended in Florida had this experience.  He rented a young man, Jethro, who is a “reformed” petty criminal an apartment.  Jethro was a great tenant for three years until he fell back into drugs.

He robbed a bank and was arrested.

In the interim, Jethro had 5 months left on his lease (the lease was broken since Jethro had secured a new rental all inclusive for the next 8 years)

Who would pay his rent?  (Jethro was no longer making a living wage.  At $0.14 an hour, it would take him years to make his monthly rent payment .  His meager funds earned at the license plate factory,  went to purchase Ramen Noodles, at the canteen.)

In Jethro’s case his family actually paid the rent for one month.

Who would clean out all Jethro’s belongings?  The landlord gets stuck with this job in Massachusetts and even has to pay to have them stored! In Jethros case, his family came to the rescue.

I wonder if they came to the rescue when Jethro’s celly made some demands?


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