The New Lynn…

Lynn, MA ocean front town famous for its fluff, shootings, poor schools, crime, it’s gorgeous Diamond District and ocean front boardwalk??

So many people want to change Lynn and have so many great ideas.

I do too!

Ideas??? Ideas???

Closing Lynn Shore Drive? building a dog fountain? OR by opening up bistros next to homeless shelters?

Perhaps but I am thinking a bit out of the box.

There is talk on redeveloping the water front, which currently is a vast ocean front plot of land with nothing.

Currently on the Lynn Way there are many car dealerships, a milk factory, various dumps, a Walmart, a flea market and a  Dollar Tree, and Price Rite grocery, and a  new plaza with a few cell phone dealerships etc.

(On a side note Price Rite has the lowest price quality products I have seen.  Eat your heart out Whole Foods.).

Here’s my Pipe Dream:

Expand the Walmart to a Super Walmart. Just visiting one is hours of entertainment! Adding a newer larger Walmart will expand the job market to the repressed area.  There already is a Walmart so why not make it bigger and grander?

-Lowes Home Improvement.  We need one!   The closest one is Danvers or Saugus.  I also think the Home Depot in Salem needs some healthy competition. I am a frequent visitor to Lowes and Home Depot and am biased towards Lowes.  I feel its cleaner and has a wider selection.

-Trader Joes...Please—I do love this store!!!!!!

I love flea markets. The one on the Lynnway needs some work.  If organized properly a flea market is a wonderful place for people to work and socialize (and to buy As Seen on TV items for dollars).

My friends family owns a very successful flea market in Wisconsin and I envision one just like this in Lynn. Farmers markets, brick a brack etc and even organic produce for those who want it!  There is something here for anyone and everyone!

—Water front development. I am not convinced of upscale snobbery here. I think more Hampton Beach, Old Orchard Beach and Daytona Beach.    Arcades, stands that sells fried dough and cotton candy, tacky tee shirts and trinkets.  A ferris wheel and a gondola and  a venue where washed up 80s bands could play.  A place families and kids can go hang out!

Maybe even build some affordable housing in there as well so some of the people who work in the community can live in it!

Something for everyone.

If people are realistic perhaps we can bring Lynn out of its current state.

The blue line is not coming to Lynn in my lifetime.

Lynn is a community like many others in the United States that has been hit hard in this current economy.  Slowly it will come back if people are realistic.

Reality is………….any redevelopment in Lynn should be embraced.


2 thoughts on “The New Lynn…”

  1. i’ld love to see Trador Joe’s here in Lynn. i’m still boycotting super stop and shop for taking over our old hospital.

    walmart? seriously no way. they suck.

    but i agree on one reality to happen on lynnway water front… hampten beach scene!

    1. Thanks for the comment.

      It was a sad day when Trader Joes closed in Vinnin Sq for a lot of us.
      I’d love to see downtown become Cambridgy or even like Salem. Just isn’t going to happen. The closest it came was when all the new loft projects went in a few years ago. The ship has sailed in my humble opinion.
      Places came and went. Not to say Lynn is a bad place –it just is what it is.

      Walmart is evil but as much as I try to boycott it I always end up there. The Super Walmarts are actually a lot nicer.
      There are a few in NH and tons down South.

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