My first house!

Buying your first house is a milestone for many people.

I purchased my first house with my (now ex)husband when he got out of the military over 16 years ago!

Thanks to a VA loan we were able to embark upon the journey of home ownership.

The GI Bill allowed us to purchase a “starter” home with no money down!

I still think of my first house with fondness.  I have since moved far away but when I am in the area I always drive by it.

My house was a bungalow built in the early 1900s that oozed with charm.

I appreciated the many built ins, and the old antique bathroom with only a cast iron tub!

This is also the house where we embarked on our first “do it yourself projects” of roofing, kitchen remodeling, painting and redoing wood floors.

Being novices and so young we took on these projects with such gusto.  In the end we ended up hiring professionals to repairs our many mistakes!

This was also the house where I became a first time landlord when it was rented.

This  house on West Ave  in Wauskesha, WI ( a burb of Milwaukee) started the real estate bug for me!
This was taken on a recent trip back to Waukesha, Wisconsin.  It had not changed much! It was much nicer than a submarine base in Groton, CT!


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