Foreclosures ….foreclosures and more….

Who is to blame?

The banks that gave loans away like candy.  OR the people who ate them like candy??

Regardless of where the blame is placed, foreclosures are on the rise.

Foreclosures represent a large percentage of inventory on the current real estate market.

Many of the homes being sold as foreclosures are vandalized and abused, INTENTIONALLY by its occupants.

Holes punched in walls, fixtures removed, heating systems ruined  are some examples I have seen.

VANDALISM is VANDALISM…it devalues a house and hurts communities

How is it, if someone spray paints a bus stop, and gets caught they are arrested while someone who ruins the home they are losing to foreclosure simply walks away?

Why is it that towns do not employ some of the unemployed to mow the lawns and care for some of these foreclosed houses?

Put a lien on the property such as you do with delinquent taxes.  Do not allow a closing until the debt is settled.


4 thoughts on “A VANDAL IS A VANDAL”

  1. My neighbor was foreclosed on and he trashed the house. I don’t think he could afford it from the day they moved in, but it took 3 years for the bank to figure that out. He didn’t pay his mortgage for about a year, isn’t living for free for a long time good enough? Why trash the house too??? The bank should be able to prosecute the old owners for destruction of property!

  2. I think it technically is a punishable offense, but it’s up to the banks to press charges. These people are vandalizing bank property and the banks are letting them get away with it.

    Cities and towns should do more to force upkeep of exteriors and whatever else is visible from the street, but I think in many cases they simply don’t have the resources to be persistent enough to get the banks to pay attention.

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