What’s one to do when they have a full sized window in the middle of their bathtub?

What’s one to do when they have a full sized window in the middle of their bathtub?

This is a common problem amongst people who own older homes.

1. Accept the fact that this adds character to the home.(along with the small–(only you can see) horse hair plaster cracks on every surface of your home)

2. You are thrilled window is new and tilts in for cleaning.

2. Be elated that you have so much natural light in your bathroom! You are the envy of all around!

3.  Think of how awesome the huge cast iron bath tub is.  You cannot buy ones like it anymore!

4. Who wants one of those fancy bathrooms anyway?  You have a kid to put through college in less than 12 years.

Now to fix the problem on a budget.

This window has been a PIA for a number of years now.  The paint peels off the sills.  The shelf paper you put on the window is peeling to address the issues of the leering neighbors.  (Thankfully they have since moved.)


Repaint the trim with boat paint, apply a plastic coating to the sill. It will retract the water easier.

Then to Marshalls/TJ MaX to purchase a fancy shower liner and a retractable rod to hang right in the bathtub.

End Result

Adding a spruce of color and privacy while you shower and the option to have lots of sunlight when not!

Eat your heart out Martha! (Stewart, that is)

Old houses keep you creative.


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