We got “A Situation” at the Jersey Shore.

I have heard through the grapevine that the real estate on the Jersey Shore is “hot, hot, hot”!

Vacation rentals are booking up homes are selling.

Could it be because of MTV?

I admit it.  I watch this show too.   I tried not too but  I  got sucked into the world of fake tans, hot tubs, and muscle bounds!

My daughters great-grandmother says the Jersey Shore is as nice if not nicer than the Cape.  She is 91 and from Jersey!


4 thoughts on “We got “A Situation” at the Jersey Shore.”

  1. I lived in North Jersey, close to NYC. But, I had my fair share of Jersey Shore experiences. Like most “Reality” Shows, they found participants that they thought would bring the highest ratings. It’s not normally my scene down there and there’s an amount of truth to the stereotype, but this is like the stereotype turned up to 11 – make that 27.

    There are beautiful natural spots on Sandy Hook, and there are beautiful Victorian homes in scenic Cape May. There are also campy, over-the top trinket shops, carnival rides, and other attractions that dwarf what Coney Island had to offer even when Astroland was open.

    Beach-wise, there’s a lot more sand. In Wildwood, you can pay to ride in the back of a big pickup truck to get closer to the water. There’s also tram to shuttle people up and down the incredibly long boardwalk. You can buy a t-shirt that says, “Watch the Tram Car Please,” the automated recording it constantly plays.

    There’s quiet and tranquil areas, and then there’s Atlantic City, or the depressed Asbury Heights. Seaside Heights used to be called Sleazeside – I think maybe it still is.

    I’ll say this for the Jersey Shore, at least there’s more to do. There’s even a Giant Elephant that used to be a hotel in Margate.

    1. Sounds like the Revere Beach stereotype. Personally I love Revere Beach and think its beautiful. Everything right at your finger tips.

      The show is so horrible its funny, it sad..its…

      My grandmother in law loves Cape May.

  2. This just may anger some people from Revere – I don’t intend to, but Revere Beach wouldn’t even qualify as a beach in NJ…maybe if they had a proper boardwalk and kept the old amusement parks, it would…but there’s limited sand area..and really not that many businesses.

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