Homeless in Downtown Lynn????

After reading this article, I am convinced of something I already know!


There are too many homeless in Lynn, Massachusetts.

When I look outside or around my offices, I see them all over the downtown area.  I see them trying to get into the heated common areas of the loft and office buildings.  They are just trying to warm up.

The homeless I see are single men.

They may be mentally ill, alcoholics, drug addicts, or fresh out of jail……or simply down and out of luck.  Whatever their “current situation” they need to be given a place to stay warm in the winter.

Many programs exist for battered, poor and single women and their children. Programs for men are few and far between.

More shelters need to be built to service the large homeless population in downtown Lynn.  These men, with a small amount of help would be able to get back on their feet.   The men need nothing fancy, just a place to warm up and stay out of the cold and a “chance”!

I hope in 2010, that more attention is given to this overlooked segment of the population.  The city  needs to tend them.  They are here and have been for years.

With a little investment on their part,  I am certain the city would see many improvements!


4 thoughts on “Homeless in Downtown Lynn????”

  1. Your right on the money.
    All the redevelopment never addressed this issue.
    I went to the Blue Ox and saw many homeless people wandering around looking for a warmth.

  2. I think the important thing you note here is that they only need a little help. A shower, an address, and some warmth. Just a shower and an address can go a long way for the person who shouldn’t really be homeless in the first place. They need a bit more encouragement to get back out and apply for a job. In many cases, when it comes to addiction or mental illness the homeless person needs a person who knows what options are available to help. The second part of the battle is getting the men to actually get the help. Single moms and families typically seek out help and get it as a result. The men are rare in the programs. I volunteer for an organization focused on both emergency shelter and substance abuse transitional housing. While we except men to the program, we rarely see any.

    There are a few things coming up in Lynn around funding the homelessness program. Lynn PACT public hearing on Feb 23 and the Community Block, HOME, HOPWA funding public hearing on March 9th at Lynn Housing Authority. I wonder if enough money comes out of the community block money to help with these issues. It will be interesting on the 9th to see how Lynn chooses to spend the entitlement money it is given from the Federal government.

  3. I imagine most of these men stay at the homeless shelter downtown at night. But it might be closed during the day, as many shelters do. These man do need a place to stay during the day. Unfortunately, most of these men have chronic, complex problems. Still, talented and compassionate human service personnel can help these men progress with their recovery.

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