Leave me alone…. its Shabbat!

A very interesting article that recently took place in one of my family member’s town in the UK.


Housing discrimination comes in all forms.  The most common is racial and family status.

Sadly, people are often discriminated against for their religious beliefs as well.




2 thoughts on “Leave me alone…. its Shabbat!”

  1. There are orthodox who are ok with timers and sensors. There are even orthodox who have non-orthodox friends do things for them. What no housing rule can predict, is the extent to which someone interprets the rules of Shabbot.

    In NYC, many buildings designate one elevator as the “Shabbos” elevator, turning on a mode that makes it automatically stop an open on every floor so the elderly can still get around without breaking the rules.

    I’m not orthodox, but personally, I don’t think automatically tripped sensors are any form of work or ignition of fire, and therefore they’d be ok. But I’m not an official authority..

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