A chain gang in Downtown Lynn???


Another great story in the community paper.

The article thoughts are great in concept but, in reality is next to impossible.  If the ordinances are passed it does set a precedent for the future.

Some thoughts to ponder in the article.

1. People of all walks of life need to live SOMEWHERE.  Past criminals tend to live in areas where rents are more affordable.  Shall we deny them housing on their past actions?  Then where will they live?  Most likely if they are denied housing (and employment) they will go back to the only life they know to survive, crime.  “Not in backyard” …however they exist and need housing.  If not the recidivism rates will plummet!

2. Declaring an entire property problematic and evicting all tenants based on a persons or groups actions?  Hmmmmm,  any civil rights violations or targeting in that concept???? City blocks will need to be abandoned.

3. How is it within the control of anyone,  landlord or property manager to know if someone will get arrested for a fire arms violation?  Holding a property manager or landlord responsible for their tenants life style is impossible.  Nor can we legally require all landlords screen tenants.  One would like to think that a landlord has a vested interest in their property and would take precautions to protect it. There are many current laws that allow a landlord to evict for criminal behavior.  These evictions are challenging to prove and take months in court.

4. Domestic Violence.  There is currently a bill on the table in Massachusetts that will NOT allow a landlord to evict a tenant who is a victim of domestic violence.  The bill protects them from eviction based on domestic violence EVEN if it creates a harsh and disruption environment for other occupants of the property.

No matter what you do to try to stop the crime in Lynn… it’s a catch 22.

City ordinances.  A state or federal law will outweigh it and vice a versa.

Required Community Service

As I write from my office in downtown Lynn,  I look outside at all the trash on the streets .  Trash and garbage litter many of the problematic areas of the city.  Having pride in where you live spreads like wildfire. Cleaning up the city alone could alleviate crime.

Currently if you are on probation you have the option of paying a $40.00 or so monthly fee or partaking in community service.  Most offenders opt for the monthly fee option.

Why not imposed required community service, humiliate the offenders and clean the city up?

The ordinance that is proposed for the city is paving the way to set up precedent that indicates criminal behavior will not be tolerated.  This is a step in the right direction.

**Disclaimer…just my thoughts, experiences and humble opinions.


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