Opps up side the head…???

So much is going on in the United States right now, and it is hard not have an opinion on an issue or two.

People who used to ignore politics are now actively involved.

Which leads me to a question as to how or why people get offended by others?

A close friend’s husband had a sign supporting a certain presidential political figure on the property of an office park where he owns and operates a medical clinic.  A choice he chose to make.   A patient of his complained and asked him to take the sign down.  He did not comply.

It may be business savy not to engage people in lively debates about political issues while conducting business.  The same could also be said for engaging people in religion talk as well.

We all have our own believes and have a right to them.  Some people are vocal and some people are not.

When is it appropriate and when isn’t it is still the million dollar question?


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