Fire in Northwood/Pittsfield

I will always remember ruining the bottom of my new 1990 Lemans car on a logging trail trying to pass through an old logging road that made the trip from my house to her house shorter.  We were still a good 15 miles away!

Yesterday a childhood home where I spend much of my teenage years  developing memories burnt to the ground.  It was the former home of one of my closest friends.

Hours on the pond spent in rafts, driving the trails in snowmobiles and four wheelers, the angry resident geese Herbert and Gertrude, the horses and of course the dead chicken..( in the kitchen) are now only memories since the house burnt beyond repair.

It was a complete loss. Thankfully, everyone there got out of the home in time.

This house was part of what made me appreciate older historic homes.  This house was a farm house in rural New Hampshire that I have been told dated back to the late 1600s.  It was even part of the Underground Railroad, complete with hiding places.

Hopefully someone will rebuild and keep all the childhood memories we had alive for the future.


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