Bojangles on the Lynnway!!!

Lynn, Massachusetts or as it was once to be renamed Ocean Park is one of the many urban cities in the United States hit hard by the economy.   This little Detriot here is Massachusetts has a lot to offer in the way of commercial properties!

Commercial rents are cheap! They are plentiful, and you are moments from Boston.  You can hang out at the beach on your lunch break as well! Most importantly any type of business brought into the greater Lynn area will provide jobs for local residents.  This alone is the greatest gift a company can give in these times.

As I await the building of the new Lowes and Super Walmart  like a kid in a candy store there are many other local offerings in Lynn.

Here is one I noticed last  night whilst I was out getting my daughter her stash of Goya Cookies, firm tofu and cereal at Price Rite…..

Sadly Tellos (a clothing store located next to Price Rite) that was an anchor on the Lynn way is gone! The space is prime for a fast food joint.

Perhaps a Bojangles, which is a Southern based chicken joint or a Taco Bell.  The Lynnway needs to offer up more choices for the hungry in a rush! Now that the VNA is adding a huge building and more employees these people need to eat!

I wonder what will pop up in the next year or two!


2 thoughts on “Bojangles on the Lynnway!!!”

  1. Can they make it a free range organic chicken bistro that only allows hybrids that run on vegetable oil in the drive thru?

    Bojangles sounds enlightened! Let’s welcome them! Maybe they can expand to a structure on Alley Street! The Shack!

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