Local Young Architect pens new Salem Stores!

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So many changes are set for the greater Salem/Lynn line.

Talk of a Walmart, Best Buy and Lowes setting up shop has even a young aspiring six year old from Swampscott penning.

Here is one from “G'”.  When asked about her future she wants to be a vet and an architect who specializes in designer water slides. When asked about her concern for Canadian Geese who reside in the land that is slated for the expansion  she states “cats” are her favorite pet.

Many people oppose the building of already crowded Highland Ave.   There are many like me who support it!

I was a little annoyed when I read a biased article this morning in the local paper.

Come on, a front page for a photo shop job from a group/person who campaigned against the building! The same grouping who has has complained against any and everything that wants to be build or done  in our communities!

In 2010 I expect a little more from our local paper!



6 thoughts on “Local Young Architect pens new Salem Stores!”

  1. It seems as if this person thinks I blog for Walmart and Lowes. I am paid as a problogger. I thought I have heard it all but this was good. For the record I don’t get paid by Walmart and Lowes. I am honored someone would think I would be that important. I’m just a person who like bargains! Comically I was featured in some of her rantings that seems to get weirder and weirder by the day!

    A recent post indicated that the greedy(the one that claims to need saving) camp has a cell tower on its property and this could possibly cause cancer in kids. I hope this ranter has not lost someone to cancer because its sickening to use this as a scare tacit to sway others to think as the way the ranter wishes. Then again I think by now with all the bizzaro posts that most of stopped reading. Whatever cause there was has been lost to these off the wall ideas!

    Again I don’t work for Walmart or the Lowes….

  2. Comically… This must be easy to say for someone who lives nowhere near where this development will be built and will feel no effects of its construction and whose kids probably do not go to summer camp near that cell tower (which health risks I don’t buy into anyway). There are other entities that will be affected than the environment surrounding Spring Pond and there are bigger concerns than just to get more traffic through Lynn or to your web site. I shop at Lowes myself and love those “bargains” but having one that displaces over a hundred children and their summer activities isn’t really a bargain now is it? You should do your homework before you implicate a “greedy” camp without getting the facts first.

    1. Greedy camp? How the hell can anyone call a Camp Greedy?
      How do you know where I live?
      How do you know when and if I sent my kids to camp?
      Whoever you are–maybe your a new poster or the same old odd one —Thanks for posting but we’re on different ends of the spectrum…. I think you are the leader of a local blog but am not sure? The person who runs it has send me some uber creepy emails in the past and is in need of mental help or hits the bottle late at night when I tend to get all these odd emails and posts.
      In any case it calls for a good chuckle once again.
      Keep fighting til the end. The chipmunks of the world are not spoken for and need a voice. LOL
      Truthfully I do not work for any of these developments, nor do at the end of the day care if they get built. No love lost either way. I’d like it for my pure selfish convenience and the fact it would give lots of unemployed a job. Any development putting people to work in this market is a positive.

  3. The Duggars, and the gorgeous LL cool J are what drives the traffic to my blog. I get on average over 200 hits a day. And no one gets rich blogging unless they are Perez Hilton. I do it for my own selfish pleasure. Thats its.

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