A win/win way to clean up any City!

I spend a huge amount of time in the lovely city of Daytona Beach.  What I always notice is how clean it is! No matter where you are.  This city gets it fair share of events to clean up after!

What a wonderful plan the City Commissioner has!

commissioner Rick ShiverCity Commissioner Rick Shiver was recently honored by two of our area’s largest agencies that provide homeless assistance – the Salvation Army and Halifax Urban Ministries – for his successful initiative called the Downtown Streets Team (DST).  The Salvation Army named Commissioner Shiver their “Volunteer of the Year” at their annual luncheon and Halifax Urban Ministries awarded him with a “Blue Diamond” award, which is their highest distinction.

Commissioner Shiver developed the DST program to help homeless people transition back into society by offering not only employment, food and shelter, but also confidence, a positive work history, job and life skills and ultimately, independence.

The program began in Daytona Beach’s downtown area in January 2009 after almost a year of planning and securing partners.  The teams, wearing bright green t-shirts, pick up trash and debris from designated areas in exchange for meals and a bed at the Salvation Army.  What started with a team of four men has expanded into additional teams on the city’s beachside and even South Daytona.  There’s a waiting list to enroll in the program.  The DST boats a phenomenal success rate of more than 70%– defined as member leaving the DST and finding outside employment.  Congratulations Commissioner Shiver!


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