Won’t you be my neighbor ?????

A little rainy day fun…
Who would you want to be your neighbor? I took an informal poll of friends this am and here are the results.

Two of the girls polls (myself included) decided LL would be best neighbor. He would provide countless hours of viewing pleasure.

This gorgeous Russian was second in line with LL.

Runner up was…Kidd Rock. A gentleman polled said he would have lots of entertainment for the neighbors to enjoy. (and the ladies thought he cleaned up well)

With the men polled the winner was Pam Anderson.
“She’s gorgeous even after age 40, and supports some environmental causes”. I am sure she was picked for her activism. lol

Aishwarya Rai won amongst the men as well.

The last people polled were some girls of kindergarten age. They want Selena Gomez to move in next door “because she is a good singer and actress”. They seem to think she has wizard powers as well.


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