Carrot Top & Mr Brady world class architect

Who is not a fan of the Brady Bunch television show? The show we all love to watch but rarely admit. At least for my sister and I- it was growing up! (We still can recite back any episode if asked. Shhhh.)

Mr Brady of the Brady Bunch was an architect. A pretty successful one– indeed. He supported his family of 7 and live in maid Alice, on his salary. He is famous for the design of the one house. The one house that made him famous was a pretty cool 1960s modern ranch. Always so clean and the lawn so manicured. Perfection, just like the family that lived in it!

I hear it is located in California and currently the worlds most annoying stand up comic wanna be Carrot Top is squatting there!

Some local residents want to evict Carrot Top(who doesn’t he annoy)and have the home put on the local registry as a historical residence.

One nutter even claims that the property is habitat to an endangered animal, floral bed and was once a cave man burial ground! (perhaps they are thinking of Captain Cave Man?)

What shall they do call in the F.B.I or perhaps Michael Moore to put a stop to this monstrosity!


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