Where do you want to live?

Growing up on a mountain in the middle of nowhere (even by New Hampshire standards)  led me to enjoy an interesting life.

Moose and bear sightings were a common occurance.   We lost a pet or two to a coyote or wolf.  Playing in the woods during hunting season was a big no, no.  Deer were a dime a dozen.

We hiked, four wheeled, snow mobiled and cross country skied in the woods, often getting lost for hours.  We rode a bus after walking 3 miles to the stop for over an hour to school.  (I’m totally serious)

Needless to say I’m used to New England country.  I was thrown for a loop last week when I decided to canoe next in rural Florida.  I was all set with my lunch and canoe on a lake.  The lake was kinda murky so I grew a little paranoid thinking of all the times as a kid that I tipped over my canoe.  This time I had my husband and young daughter with me.

The murky lake was home to water snakes and perhaps alligators?

Once we got further out I was certain the water would clear up and we could bank our canoe and have lunch.

The only thing we were doing was trying to avoid alligators, huge ones.  Bigger than the ones in the swamps of  Louisiana.  There were claims of manatees but all I saw was gators!

I’m going to give canoeing in the lake another try soon.  Florida nature is gorgeous it just is going to take me some time to get used to…. especially since I am getting sick of city life in Massachusetts!

big alligator waiting for lunch

some birds

“hello” big reptile

Mr Turtle

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